Vitamin L

"Vitamin L"

By Dolev Gilmore


                              LOVE changes body chemistry, as well as affecting the obvious: the souls minds and emotions of children.

Part of what defines a vitamin is that it must come from an outside source, because not enough of it, if any, is manufactured in the body. In this respect, LOVE really is a vitamin. Life is impossible without every single vitamin. I guess you could say that, technically, life can carry on without Love, but I'm sure you agree, that life without Love could hardly be called living.

Home cooking does not destroy vitamin L; in fact, by a process not yet quite explained by modern scientific methodology, vitamin L enters food straight from loving hearts in the kitchen. Much of this vitamin is lost when food is refined. Although there is some vitamin L in the junk food passed out at birthday parties or given as a replacement for proper hugging, the form of vitamin L in these foods is mutant, and apparently blocks the receptor sites for the real thing.

Love is seeing the best in your children. You are not here to belittle them and tell them they are not good enough. The rest of the world will try to teach them this lesson. They need you to believe in them, so that they will believe in themselves. This kind of vitamin L actually improves their I.Q. In an eye-opening study1 in 1966, an intelligence test was given to all the pupils in a San Francisco elementary school. The teachers were told that certain children in each class showed unusual potential for intellectual gains. Eight months later, these "unusual" children showed significantly greater improvements in I.Q. than did the others. These children, however, had actually been chosen randomly, the only difference being the teachers' expectations!

According to laws of spiritual magnetism understood throughout the ages, your thoughts and expectations affect your children. Dream for your children and help them dream for themselves. Accept them with unconditional love for who they are. Your children are spiritual beings sent to be your guides, as well as to be guided by you. Your hearts are the best nourishment you can give to them, and they will gift you plenty of Vitamin "L" in return. Shlomo told us, "Dance to your baby's crib when crying wakes you up at night... this is a heavenly privilege."

I learned a wonderful lesson one day a couple of decades ago. Zahava was in the hospital on pregnancy watch with our fifth child and the other four were at home, making a mess for me to clean up. There I was, carrying two heavy baskets of groceries from Zusha's store with the rain pouring on my head. Suddenly, a light turned on inside me, and I realized, "Hey, it's all BLESSINGS!!! – a wonderful wife to worry about – a new soul on the way – four beautiful children at home – a real home – baskets full of food – the world needs rain . . . BLESSINGS AREN'T EASY! And, I have enough strength to carry it all!"

Accept your blessings and bless others. Especially, bless your children, and give them plenty… of vitamin L.

From the book, Nutrition and Your Child's Soul: Don Quixote's Heart-Cry


“ . . .I will act, says Don Quixote,
as if the world were what I would have it to be,
as if the ideal were real. . ."


1. Rosenthal and Jacobson.Teachers' expectancies: determinants of pupils' IQ gains. Psychol Rep. 1966. Aug;19(1):115-8. PMID: 5942071

  • מאמא של חולה סכיזופרניה

    Dear Dolev,

    Our son continues to improve. He is more stable - less ups and downs and he is able to focus more on things.

    קרא עוד ...


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