My Personal Covid Hell

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Most everyone immediately believed the kid who said “The King has no clothes”, because he simply expressed what they were all seeing.

However, blind people thought, “This is impossible; if the king had no clothes, we would surely know it.”


Many questions about Covid and its vaccines have not been clearly answered:

  1. What percentage of the vaccinated are actually immune?
  2. To what extent can a non-symptomatic person transmit the virus?
  3. How many people suffer serious side effects from the vaccine?
  4. How safe and effective are masks? (As an example, a study found that mask-wearing children quickly develop a raised level of carbon dioxide in their blood. That can’t be good)
  5. Should children get the vaccine?
  6. ________________ ? (You fill in the blank).
  7. Get your vitamin D level tested and take enough vitamin D (4,000 to 10,000 IU) to get to mid-range.
  8. Take 3,000 to 6,000 mg of vitamin C every day, in divided doses. This may not be right for everyone. If you want more information about dosage and types of vitamin C, you can purchase my, “Practical Guide for Using Vitamin C” (see below). Lots of the best information can also be found, in Hebrew, .
  9. Consider taking other supplements, such as zinc, iodine, selenium and magnesium.


Every discussion about these things puts me into my personal hell.

How would you feel if you deeply believed that the whole epidemic was, and is, unnecessary? That simple, common, safe and cheap solutions would prevent much of the sickness, and that those infected would experience mild symptoms and recover quickly?

Well, that’s what I believe. And I’ll tell you, it’s extremely frustrating.

I have spent thousands of hours studying vitamin therapy – dozens of books and thousands upon thousands of studies. I’ve treated thousands of people. I am very certain that vitamin C is effective in preventing and treating viral disease, including Covid. And yet doctors negate this, using their authority to extend their kingdom to areas about which they know NOTHING. They ignore all information about the clear benefits – with no downside – of vitamins D and C in particular; so, the whole world is in unnecessary panic-and-lockdown mode, and people continue to get sick and die.


Yes, I understand the problem. Should you believe a million doctors, or one Dolev? I’ll rephrase this: Should you trust the vision of a million people with their eyes closed, or one with his eyes open? You choose, but I can promise you that it is impossible to study and experience even one tenth of what I have, and still deny vitamin C’s benefits.

I won’t even try to quote studies and convince people here. I can only make some recommendations, and you can do what you want:


Starting today, for prevention (whether or not you received the vaccine)

  1. Get your vitamin C level tested and take enough vitamin D (usually between 4,000 and 10,000 IU a day) to get to mid-range.
  2. Take 3,000 to 6,000 mg of vitamin C every day, in divided doses. This may not be right for everyone. If you want more information about dosage and types of vitamin C, you can purchase my "Practical Guide for Using Vitamin C" (see below). Lots of the best information can be found on my website, in Hebrew.
  3. Consider taking ohter supplements, such as zinc, iodine, selenium and magnesium.


If you get sick with Covid:

  1. Up your vitamin C dose to at least one gram (1,000 mg) every hour, on average. Two grams an hour is even better. Start this immediately at the first symptoms and continue until after complete recovery. Then take a few grams of vitamin C the rest of your life (which will probably be longer than with out the vitamin C).
  2. Take other vitamins, minerals and herbs, as recommended by a professional.
  3. Use a nebulizer to breathe hydrogen peroxide, which kills the virus in the respiratory tract. The nebulizer and the hydrogen peroxide at a 3% concentration are available in any pharmacy without prescription. That is the maximum safe concentration, and you may dilute this with distilled water or saline solution if it feels too strong for you. (This treatment is also excellent as a preventative, if you suspect you were exposed to someone testing positive for Covid.)


I am available for a reasonably-priced consultation. Although these things may sound simple – vitamins and dosage – there is a lot of knowledge, subtlety and individuality involved. Please do not contact me seeking free advice.

To order the digital “Practical Guide for Using Vitamin C”, send 20 shekels by Bit to 052-3794092, plus a request by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I’ll send you the Guide to your email. It is available in English and in Hebrew, so please state your preference. 

There’s another possibility we must consider: maybe I’m totally crazy.


(Note: Vaccination should be a personal choice and is not the subject of this article.)


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